Ordering Food.

Where do I begin, this can be an issue for me sometimes when waiting in line to get some food. I know what I want but when it’s my turn it can take a while before I speak out. I am certain most of the time the servers don’t understand whats going on and honestly, it can be embarrassing sometimes (this includes drive thrus.. oh lord!).

I had 2 experiences yesterday while trying to get something to eat and I thought I should share as whoever is reading or listening to my podcast will understand my frustration.

I like to think that stuttering has a lesser effect on me now than it used to, but damn. It gets me once in a while.

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Stuttering at job interviews.

Hello All,

I just uploaded a new post on stuttering my way through interviews. I am certain I will come back to this topic as I have lots of experiences as job interviews are hard on its own and sometimes worse for one with a stutter (speaking for myself here). Let me know what you think and also your experiences while interviewing for a job. Any stories, pls let me into your life lol.

I will be speaking about dating next time.. little stories here and there. Until next time people. Listen and thank you for stoping by! 🙂

Here is the link to my podcast ( The African stutterer ). https://anchor.fm/tas0/episodes/Stuttering-my-way-thru-interviews-e4ulds

Telephone-Phobia (Tele-phobia)

Hello All,

I uploaded a new recording on my fear of using the telephone on my podcast (the African Stutterer). This might be broken down into more recordings so stay tuned! :).

I still would like to connect with you. Let me know your experiences while stuttering..

Lets talk 🙂

up-next, I will talking about interviews

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Thank you

Thank you Ms/Mr Nobody :)


You’ve got a nice blog! I’m excited to see more awareness on this issue. You can find a community of local professionals that are stutterers too. There are lots of such organizations in the US – I don’t know about Canada. 

Also, let me know if you accept guest bloggers. I’m a mild-moderate stutterer too and will be happy to share interview and general life tips based on my experience. 


By Nobody (from Naira Land)

So I got this comment and you made my morning at 1AM. so thank you.
I made a recording appreciating this soul so listen 🙂 and also briefly speaking about my experience when I migrated. I will be diving into a hot topic about the telephones and interviews next time .

Also, I need people to drop comments and yes yes yes I will love to have guest bloggers and audio recordings from fellow stutterers.

Link to my podcast:

Thank you 🙂

Stuttering : Covert and Overt.

First of, what is Stuttering ?

Stuttering, also known as stammering, which is a speech disorder in which the flow of speech is disrupted by involuntary repetitions and prolongations of sounds, syllables, words or phrases as well as involuntary silent pauses or blocks in which the person who stutters is unable to produce sounds.

Well, this is my life. Now, I just started getting comfortable with this side of me just a few years ago and started researching when I needed answers. I learnt about these terms ..covert and overt stuttering .. I consider myself being both.. All my life, I have being a Covert stutterer, where I tried my best to avoid stuttering in public and constantly using filler words and the main goal in my mind is not to stutter and be fluent at all times.

Now, I am more overt as I try to let myself go and just live, pause and speak. When i get blocks, i have to wait it out.. everyone has to because I have somethings I want to say haha.

I have a podcast where I talk about my experience on both sides and if anyone is reading or listening, I’d like to know where do you belong or are you on both sides. Podcast Link is below. Thank you 🙂


I’m African & I stutter/stammer

Hey there,

This is very new to me and I will try my best to keep it brief. So a quick intro about me, I will be going by TAS for now which means, the African stutterer. I grew up in Nigeria which is in West Africa (for people who don’t know where that is..sigh) and relocated with my family to Canada after high school. I am in my late 20’s, and I currently work in the financial industry.

I’m from a conservative family and the first child who was meant to be a doctor ( Story for another time lol).

Growing up, stuttering/stammering was not spoken about as I thought it will stop when I get older …WRONG. I got to know more about my speech disorder when we relocated by researching thanks to constant internet service.

The reason why I am starting this blog and also a podcast (I am watching videos on how to use garage band, whole podcasting stuff and all of that so wish this grand ma luck please lol ) is to bring awareness on stuttering or stammering in the African community. I grew up with this burden on my shoulder because it can be tough not getting words out sometimes and how to stop feeling ashamed/ embarrassed about my speech impediment and just live my life.

I have thought about creating this platform for a long time but fear of putting my self out there has prevented me from starting. Most importantly, the international stuttering day is on my birthday October 22nd. This was the only push I needed .. for some reason I’m tearing up.

I have not decided on where this blog and podcast will lead to but my main goal is to have people across Africa chyme in and lets share our experiences on how stuttering has impacted your lives.

I will post a podcast recording before the new week.

There was nothing brief about this post but thank you for reading 🙂 .

So, I just created my first podcast episode and here it is! https://anchor.fm/tas0/episodes/Introduction–Hello–I-stutter-e48a3k