Telephone-Phobia (Tele-phobia)

Hello All,

I uploaded a new recording on my fear of using the telephone on my podcast (the African Stutterer). This might be broken down into more recordings so stay tuned! :).

I still would like to connect with you. Let me know your experiences while stuttering..

Lets talk 🙂

Also, check out my podcast.

Thank you


2 thoughts on “Telephone-Phobia (Tele-phobia)

  1. Hello Dear I have been following your post for a while now and I can clearly relate to your stories. Sometimes I just wish I could help myself by not stuttering in the public. I even begin to think into the future. Will my kids inherit this stuttering tongue from me? I really don’t wish so because I wouldn’t want my kids to stutter like me.

    And about finding a life partner, I always hope he’ll accept me the way I’m.


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    1. First off!, thanks for reading and listening. I am glad someone can relate because I don’t know anyone who can. and Hun pls live your life!. it is hard sometime but i try not to dwell on it a lot. as for a life partner, you stuttering won’t hinder that from happening :).
      Thank you again.


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