I attended a career webinar

How is it going & how are you doing ? …. I am doing great and trying to be positive most times so thank you for asking…

I signed up for a career talk with one of the big banks in Canada. This was about inclusivity & career advancement while living with a disability. I am aware people have their views on stuttering being a disability but that is not why I am typing this brief post . Click and listen.

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Stuttering Awareness Day


I know you guys have heard me say stuttering awareness day is also my birthday and that was my inspiration to start a blog and podcast.

Please do not be hard on yourself. Accept this beautiful part of you. Educate people who care to learn and most importantly do not tie your lack of fluency to your self esteem. I know I did but not anymore.

Here’s a link to my podcast and I promise to be consistent! 🙂

Stuttering at job interviews.

Hello All,

I just uploaded a new post on stuttering my way through interviews. I am certain I will come back to this topic as I have lots of experiences as job interviews are hard on its own and sometimes worse for one with a stutter (speaking for myself here). Let me know what you think and also your experiences while interviewing for a job. Any stories, pls let me into your life lol.

I will be speaking about dating next time.. little stories here and there. Until next time people. Listen and thank you for stoping by! 🙂

Here is the link to my podcast ( The African stutterer ).